Week two of marathon training is almost complete! So far I’m feeling really good, ask me how I feel when I’m peaking and I guarantee the answer will be different! Originally this week’s mileage was planned to be 20 total but with some bonus miles at CrossFit, this week’s total will be 25 miles after Sunday. A look back at this week so far:

Monday- CrossFit, 45 minutes of total body (muscle confusion-esque) and then a 2 mile bridge run.

Tuesday- 3 miles easy

Wednesday- 5 miles easy

Thursday- 3 miles easy in the a.m. and CrossFit in the p.m. This CrossFit session was insane! We did what the trainers dubbed a ‘mini triathlon.’ I started off with 8 miles on the stationary bike (resistance 10) then ran downstairs to row (on the machine) 750 meters and finished off with a 5K bridge run. I finished the whole thing in 50:54 and came in third place of everyone that completed the workout that day (first female, holla!)! I was told that 60+ people did it.

Friday (today)- CrossFit this morning with the husband. Today was ‘filthy fifty’ where we did fifty reps of several exercises that covered total body including pull-ups, back extensions, burpees (yuck), etc. That was followed by 15 rounds of ‘Chelsea’ which is 5 pull-ups (we did TRX body rows instead), 10 push-ups and 15 squats.

After this morning’s CrossFit husband and I went home, showered and set out to brunch. We ended up at a little place right down the street from the gym. Guess who was there? Oh yes, our trainers. You can probably guess I refrained from ordering the chocolate-chip pancakes. Shortly after placing our order (Spanish omelet with fruit for me and Greek omelet with fruit for husband), our waitress came to our table with a surprise from our trainers: a giant belgium waffle covered in bananas, strawberries and globs of whipped cream!

The husband after finishing off both the waffle and his omelet, I really wish I had a before photo!

Husband ate 75% of the waffle, I swear! I think the look on his face says it all, the man sure can put it away! He’ll definitely be joining me for the 9 mile long run on Sunday! We’re going someplace fun for that so stay tuned!