I’ve been whining to the husband lately that we haven’t been on a proper date night in forever. Between saving all our pennies for a separate baby fund (we’re not trying yet, I just like to be prepared) and being on a strict diet, we’ve really cut back on the dining out. The husband whined back that HE always takes ME out on dates so I decided to switch it up and treat him to dinner last night! (yeah the money is all coming from the same place but it’s the thought that counts)

I decided on Flamestone American Grill in Oldsmar, we had never been and they had a few unique items on their menu. They did not disappoint! Our waiter was awesome and attentive and the prices weren’t too bad. We ordered the Tableside Guacamole to start and it was delicious! It’s prepared fresh in front of you and they customize it to your tastes.

Yum! We had pretty normal entrees- petite filet for me and salmon for him. Then we ordered something I’ve never seen at a restaurant before: S’mores!!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

I guess not many restaurants are very willing to let you play with fire unsupervised at dinner! We thought this was a really neat idea and are looking for our own indoor s’mores fire pit.

After dinner we went to the first movie we’ve seen in the theater since Yes Man! We tend to be grumpy old people and prefer to watch movies at home with our NetFlix.

This movie was really funny, but in an awkward-you-feel-embarassed-for-the-character kind of way.

Sorry for the non-running related post! I’m working on my recap from our 9 miles at Robinson Preserve. I plan to get that up sometime tomorrow!