Even though this was a ‘step-back’ week in my training (where the mileage is a little lower in preparation for an upward push), I really struggled. With a rearrangement in my schedule and a night of poor sleep I felt and ran like a zombie. Not to mention the mysterious calf pain that forced me to modify at CrossFit 2 days in a row. The only run that I felt was quality was today’s.  Let’s break it down by day shall we?

Monday- The trainers were on vacation this day so I was going to flip my training monday and tuesday. I was going to run 3 miles easy monday morning and then CrossFit on tuesday morning. When my alarm went off monday I was not feeling it so I decided to just reset it and get some more sleep.

Tuesday- After monday’s running fail I woke up early to run 3 miles easy and then went to CrossFit in the evening after work. We did 2 rounds of (slightly modified) ‘Nutts’ which is a common CrossFit workout- 10 handstand push-ups, 15 deadlifts, 25 box jumps, 50 pull-ups, 100 wallball, 100 double unders and then 8 laps around the parking lot. This was so exhausting that when I ran my form was super sloppy. I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous.

Wednesday- I woke up early and planned to run 5 miles at pace. I fiddle-farted around the house for too long and got a late start. Then I just couldn’t stay on pace, which should be 10min/mile. Instead I felt sluggish and was struggling to keep a 10:30min/mile. Between the late start and my struggling pace I had to (mercifully) end the run early at 4 miles. Towards the evening I was noticing that my right calf was pretty sore, which is unusual for me.

Thursday- Again woke up early to get in 3 miles easy even though I didn’t sleep well at all. I noticed my right calf was definitely sore and tight immediately upon waking but shrugged it off and went out anyway. My gait was all screwed up since I was compensating for my sore calf. As a result I wore a compression sleeve all day and at CrossFit I had to request modifications to the running and jump roping we were supposed to do. The rest was leg heavy but it didn’t bother my calf.

Friday- I did early morning CrossFit, again with the compression sleeve and again with modifications. The rest was arm and core heavy. At CrossFit we have monthly weigh-ins to keep track of our progress and friday was weigh-in day. I did really well this time around with 4 pounds of fat loss and 1 pound of lean mass gain. My body fat % also went down to 17.8%. I’m really happy with those results so far and would like to lose another 4 pounds of fat and gain some more muscle.

Saturday- rest day and thankfully due to the constant compression, foam rolling and little use of my calf I was feeling much better.

Sunday- This week’s long run was only 6 miles because of a step-back in the plan. Since it was such a short run I stuck to my boring home route, so no fun pictures today! My stats- Total time: 1:04:07, Avg pace: 10:28 min/mile(with the last mile at 9:24min!!), Avg HR: 152bpm and max HR: 185bpm. This run felt good and strong and was what I desperately needed to end this crappy week. Afterwards I swung home and picked up the dogs for a cool-down walk around the neighborhood.

Nice thumb in the shot!

Sorry for the whine-fest! Marathon training is hard and I know there will be set-backs along the way. I plan to be honest when I’m struggling in the interest of showing you what it’s really like for the average runner to train hard for a marathon.