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Something I promised myself and the husband when I started this cycle of Marathon training was that I’d be flexible with the schedule. I was very ‘by the book’ with my previous Marathon and so we passed on a lot of social engagements because of my training. This time around I know I can play with the schedule a bit, I’m more experienced so I know what to expect. It’s a good thing too because this week was as flexible as a Master Yogi! You might notice that there is no CrossFit on this week’s schedule! 😦 Our trainers had to suddenly move to a new, bigger facility and so they were shut down for a week. I’m seriously going through withdrawl and can’t wait to get back to training this week!

Monday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- rest day.

Tuesday- Planned- 3 miles easy. Actual- 3 miles easy.

Wednesday- Planned- 6 miles pace. Actual- 4.8 mi pace. I decided to do loops around the neghborhood for this run and it’s a good thing! Right as I was passing the house at 3 miles I could no longer ignore the rumbling in my tummy and had to make a pit stop. The unexpected delay made it too late for me to finish out the run, get showered and make it to work on time (without looking like a hobo) so I cut the run short.

Thursday- Planned- 3 miles easy and CrossFit. Actual- rest. Oops! When my alarm went off at 5am I said hell-to-the-no and reset it.

Friday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- rest.

Saturday- Planned- rest. Actual- 6 miles pace. I decided that since I didn’t do any CrossFit and missed out on some mileage, I would make it up with a pace run. It went really well but I was having a hard time controlling my pace. I never really got into a groove so I was chasing 10mi/mile the whole time. The splits:

Mile 1- 10:01

Mile 2- 9:59

Mile 3- 9:58

Mile 4- 9:59

Mile 5- 10:04

Mile 6- 9:32

Other stats: Total time- 59:43, Average pace- 9:56 min/mile, Fastest pace- 4:43 min/mile (I sprinted it out at the end!), Average HR- 167bpm, Max HR- 189bpm. Now my mile splits look pretty darn good but if you broke it down by quarter mile splits you would see that I was really all over the place. Afterwards I made an awesome smoothie:

Seriously tastes like a Peanut Butter Cup!

In the mix- Chocolate Hammer Recoverite (1 scoop), Vanilla Pure Protein Whey (1/2 scoop), 1 banana, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, (8oz) Soy Milk and a ton of ice (something like 15 cubes- I like my smoothies thick). Don’t be surprised that my shaker is pink- I know Carolyn isn’t! 🙂

Later in the day we saw Horrible Bosses (hilarious!!) with some friends and then stopped at Fit2Run before gorging ourselves at Country Pancake House for dinner. I must be supervised by a responsible adult when I go into Fit2Run or else I end up spending a disgusting amount of money there! Some women have an unhealthy obsession with designer shoes, I have an unhealthy obsession with running gear! Since husband was there to prevent my bank account from crying, I only walked away with this small haul:

Knee brace (had to size down- apparently that weight I lost was all in my left knee), sport beans, CLIF Shot Roks for the husband and a (pink) Nathan Flip Straw bottle.

Sunday- Planned- 11 miles easy. Actual- 11 miles easy. Though I wouldn’t call that run easy! Husband joined me again and we went back to Robinson Preserve. I pre-run fueled with a piece of whole wheat cinnamon raison bread and lots of water because it was insanely hot and humid. The sweat was dripping off of me by mile 2! I’ll let the splits tell the story:

Mile 1- 10:39

Mile 2- 10:43

Mile 3- 10:46

Mile 4- 10:49

Mile 5- 10:48

Mile 6- 12:36 (I ate Sports Beans and walked a bit during this mile)

Mile 7- 11:01 (drank some Gatorade G2)

Mile 8- 11:53 This is where the trouble began. Husband hit the wall sometime during this mile. I caught up with him right at 8.9 miles and stopped to walk with and talk to him. I was definitely suffering too and was glad to have caught up with him so we could finish together. We walked for a 1/2 mile.

Mile 9- 13:56 (more Sports Beans before we got started again)

Mile 10- 10:59

Mile 11- 11:35

Other stats- Total time- 2:05:54, Average pace- 11:26 min/mile, Average HR- 167bpm, Max HR- 193bpm.

We chugged water and some G2 after the run and re-fueled at Starbucks with chocolate smoothies. It was a good thing we brought fresh shirts to change into since we were both soaked!

After such a chaotic week I’m really looking forward to some normalcy. The scheduled long run is 12 miles and I’m thinking of going on an adventure, so keep an eye out for that next week.