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This week was another rearrangement. The delayed CrossFit facility opening and a busy work week contributed but it was mostly my own laziness. Let’s break it down by day:

Monday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- rest day.

Tuesday- Planned- 3mi easy. Actual- rest day. I reset the alarm when it went off at 5am. Like I said, lazy!

Wednesday- Planned- 6 mi pace. Actual- 3 mi easy. When I started running my legs were just not cooperating. So rather than force them to come to the party I just slowed it down and cut the run in half. I knew I had plenty of time to squeeze in a pace run later in the week.

Thursday- Planned- 3 mi easy + CrossFit. Actual- 3 mi easy + CrossFit. Now you might be thinking: wait a minute, CrossFit?? But the new facility didn’t open until Friday! That’s right. Husband heard that the gym we belong to had found someone to train CrossFit and talked me into giving the new guys a try. I thought well it’s free (first session) and it would be nice to get in more than 1 session this week so I went for it. I’m going to be 100% honest here- the workout was good but it was lacking the energy and it just wasn’t the same.

Friday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit! Friday was definitely the highlight of my week! You can see my commentary on the Grand Opening here.

Saturday- Planned- Rest. Actual- 6 mi pace(ish). I decided to take it easy for the first mile to get warmed up. Well, then I never really got down to pace. I ended up somewhere in the middle. The splits:

Mile 1- 10:43

Mile 2- 10:27

Mile 3- 10:17

Mile 4- 10:17

Mile 5- 10:32

Mile 6- 10:07

Mile 0.22- 9:52 pace. I misjudged the distance on this run and ended up running a 10K.

Other stats- Total time: 1:04:35, Average pace: 10:23 min/mi, Average HR: 159 bpm, Max HR: 180 bpm.

Sunday- Planned- 12 mi easy. Actual- 12 mi easy. For this long run I decided to stay close to home but try out a new route that I’ve never run before. About 1 mile of this route was on a sidewalk-less road so I was a little nervous but luckily no one ran me over.

Mile 1- 11:41

Mile 2- 10:56

Mile 3- 11:57 I saw 5 pigs here- a momma and her 4 babies and tried to take a picture but the zoom is broken on my phone camera. 😦 They were pretty cute for wild pigs! You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Mile 4- 11:08

Mile 5- 11:24

Mile 6- 12:35 (Sport Beans, water and G2 break)

Mile 7- 11:01

Mile 8- 10:58

Mile 9- 11:06

Mile 10- 12:50 (Sport Beans, water and G2 break again)

Mile 11- 11:03

Mile 12- 10:33

Other stats- Total time: 2:17:26, Average pace: 153 min/mile, Average HR: 153 bpm, Max HR: 180 bpm.

Some pictures from my adventure:

I was going to show you the possible Marathon outfits but this post is pretty long already. So look for that tomorrow instead! 😀