Now this may seem completely frivolous but just about any runner can tell you that what you wear on a run can really set the tone. I’m not just talking about looking good either (though that’s important too 🙂 )! Being comfortable is first and foremost, especially when you’re out doing distance. The wrong shorts can ride up, the wrong top can chafe, the wrong socks can cause wicked blisters, etc. When training for a Marathon I do several ‘dress rehearsals’ where I do everything I plan to do on race day. I get up at the time I would on race day (3hrs before race time),eat/drink exactly what I plan to on race day and wear exactly what I plan to on race day including the exact pair of socks.

This time around I’ll do dress rehearsals for my 18 miler and both 20 milers. The only tricky thing is that the average high temperatures in Florida in October is 85°F and in New York is 60°F. So while I’m planning to wear a running skirt and a tank for the majority of the race, I probably won’t be able to test those out in the proper cooler temperature. I’ll have a throw away if the temperature is cooler but is forecasted to warm up (like I expect) and I will also pack a long sleeve tech shirt that I know to be reliable on long runs.

Currently I have two major contenders battling for the distinction of ‘Marathon Outfit.’ They are:

Both tanks and skirts are the same, just different colors. The skirt is Brooks Mesh PR Skirt II and I loooooove it!! The waist band is very comfortable and has a small zipper pocket on the back. The shorts underneath has a Gu pocket and non-slip rubber around the bottom to prevent riding up. The tanks and skirts can be mixed and matched, I actually prefer the blue tank with the grey skirt but wore what was clean on that run. What do you think? Fashionable and functional?