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I can’t believe I’ve already completed week 6 of this Marathon training cycle! Time is flying! Training was more ‘normal’ this week but not 100% by the schedule, which is unfortunately becoming the new normal. Week 7 will definitely be by the book, mentally I need that! Broken down by day:

Monday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit! I was already sore after my 12 miler the previous day and then CrossFit was leg heavy!

Tuesday- Planned- 3 mi easy. Actual- rest. With a leg heavy workout the day after a 12 mile long run I was quite sore and a bit hobbly at work. I was going to run after work but my incredibly wise coworker (also a marathon runner) convinced me that rest was in order!

Wednesday- Planned- 5 mi pace. Actual- 3 mi easy. I decided that since I was still sore I would loosen up my legs this day for recovery and then do a pace run the following morning.

Thursday- Planned- 3 mi easy + CrossFit. Actual- 5 mi pace + CrossFit. Not much to say about this run. It went well, legs felt good. Of course then I went to CrossFit and it was leg heavy again! No complaints from me though!

Friday- Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit. This workout was very arm heavy. My triceps are still sore! Though it was definitely a nice break for my legs!

Saturday- Planned- rest. Actual- rest. Ahhh blissful rest. In the beginning of this training cycle having a rest day on Saturdays drove me crazy. I could not sit still! Now I’m finally appreciating being able to really sleep in (I didn’t get up until 9!) and letting my body recover before more abuse. The Husband and I have been waning to try this new Mexican place nearby and when I looked up the menu online and saw that Saturdays were 2-for-1 Sangrias all day, the deal was sealed. Things not to consume the night before a long run:

Giant Burrito! Yes, we totally demolished the chips and salsa you see in the upper right-hand corner too! This was all washed down with red sangria! When we splurge, we splurge!

We couldn’t resist the self-serve frozen yogurt bar down the street! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about my stomach on my long run the next day.

Sunday- Planned- 9 miles. Actual- 9 miles, my second step-back week. For this run, a friend of mine joined me. We run the same pace and she ran the Disney Marathon. I adore running with her because the time just flies by! We chatted and laughed the whole time and before we knew it we were done! We went to a long flat main road (with sidewalks of course) in a nearby pedestrian-friendly town.  The only downside is that waiting at the crosswalks kinda messed with our split times but neither of us were upset about it. The splits:

Mile 1-  11:31

Mile 2- 11:13

Mile 3- 11:07

Mile 4- 11:31 Street crossing.

Mile 5- 12:09 Fueling: Sports Beans, G2 and Water.

Mile 6- 11:50

Mile 7- 12:13 More street crossing.

Mile 8- 10:52

Mile 9- 10:42

Other stats- Total time: 1:43:15, Average pace: 11:28 min/mile, Average HR: 158bpm, Max HR: 176bpm.

Luckily the massive amount of naughty noms didn’t upset my sensitive stomach at all. I’m exhausted after only getting ~5 hours of sleep last night. I got sucked into watching Forensic Files (awesome show) and didn’t shut off the tv until after midnight! I have another early morning tomorrow- the alarm is set for 4:20am so I can get to CrossFit! Goodnight ya’ll!