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Did you know that the husband and I have a small zoo at the Motivational Miles household? Well, we only have 3 animals but it often feels like a zoo given the energy level! The resident animals include a domestic short hair cat and 2 Siberian Huskies. **Prepare yourself for crappy BlackBerry picture overload**

This is the only pic I have of all three animals together. Snuggles, the cat, doesn’t particularly like the dogs and only comes out when they are locked up in their crates. By our vets best guess she is probably somewhere between 14-17 years old! For being such an old cat she can still jump high and is pretty fast (I guess she has to be in a house with 2 Huskies). She is most definitely a ‘Daddy’s girl’ and has an obsession with being near husband, often sleeping on his chest or back at night. Husband had her before I came along, rescuing her from some friends whose dog terrorized her daily.

Then there’s Stella. She has a black coat and brown eyes. Stella is my heart dog and is a typical Husky in that she has only really bonded with me. We bought her from a breeder when she was 13 weeks old.

Look at how tiny she was!!!

She was a naughty little puppy and once broke out of her crate and ate the vertical blinds in our bedroom from her height down. She has definitely mellowed out as she’s grown up and we now consider her our best behaved dog. She’s now 4 years old.

Stella is very vocal and ‘talks’ all the time. She doesn’t hesitate to let us know when she wants something. She’s also very fast, I love watching her run because she makes it look so effortless.

She loves to sleep in the curtains (which desperately need ironing!).

Stella enjoying the cool shade of the porch at the Property

Finally we have the baby of the family, Emma (she’s the baby, gotta love her!). She has a red coat and blue eyes. We adopted Emma from a woman who was going through a very rough patch in her life. When we picked Emma up she was covered in fleas and dirt and tied to a wooden post with a nylon rope in front of an ‘under construction’ home on cinder blocks. It was incredibly sad and I’m glad that we were able to give Emma a good home.

We always supervise outdoor play since this is usually what happens- both dogs like to dig!

Emma staying cool in the kiddie pool at the dog park.

She is definitely the mischievous one and instigates most of the mayhem in this household. Emma is also pretty fast but unfortunately we have to limit her running because of her hip dysplasia. She’s only 3 so her hip dysplasia is genetic. We have her on a glucosamine-chondritin regimen and her bad hips don’t seem to bother her day-to-day.

One of the things Huskies are famous for is the amount of hair they have. I often get asked how they deal with the Florida heat. We make sure to keep their undercoats combed out with the Furminator:

We also limit their outside activity to early in the morning or in the evening during the summer. Overall they do just fine, we just have to be careful with them. It’s also important to note that you should never shave a Husky. They have a double coat- an undercoat that helps keep them warm and a topcoat that helps reflect the heat. Plus it’s their natural sunscreen!

There is never a dull or quiet moment in this house but I wouldn’t have it any other way!