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Ahh Forrest Gump, a man wise beyond his IQ number. That movie has a special place in my heart. From the moment it came out just about everyone started calling me Jennay, and many people still do! My husband used a quote from the movie when he proposed and I walked down the aisle to I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump (by Alan Silvestri) aka the Feather Song.

Go ahead and listen to it and picture this:

Let’s give Mom a second to dry her eyes… 😉

Moving right along to the Week 8 recap!

Monday: Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit (total body). Monday was weigh-in day and I did well again! I’ve lost another 2 lbs of fat and brought my body fat percentage down to 16.44%!

Tuesday: Planned- 4 miles easy. Actual- 4 miles easy. I had intended to do this run in the morning  but was mentally drained from Monday’s bad news so I opted to sleep in a bit. I was worried that running in the evening would be unbearable but it actually wasn’t that bad. I cruised along at a 10min/mile pace until my stomach started rumbling at mile 3, so I slowed it down to 11min/mile so as not to shat myself.

Wednesday: Planned- 7 miles easy. Actual- rest. I was having a hard time sleeping and just couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

Thursday: Planned- 4 miles easy + CrossFit. Actual- 6 miles easy + CrossFit. To make up for the missed run Wednesday I ran 6 miles after CrossFit (arm heavy) in the evening. Mentally I really needed this run and it was perfectly exhausting. I went home, took 2 Tylenol PMs and passed out cold!

Friday: Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit. This was a total body workout and it was brutal! I only got through 3.5 of the 4 rounds in the hour.

Saturday: Planned- rest. Actual- upper body weight lifting workout. Even though it was technically a rest day I couldn’t resist getting some heavier lifting in.

Sunday: Planned- 15 miles. Actual- 15 miles. Oh my, this run was miserable! 15 miles of pure torture! It was so incredibly hot from the moment I started at 630am, the sun wasn’t even up yet! I took it very easy, walked more on each fueling break and refilled my bottles twice at CVS (and I used the bathroom there the first time, cuz ya know, I had to go! 😉 ). I drank 16 oz of G2 and 48 oz of water! I definitely need to up my intake of Gatorade because my fingers looked like giant sausages at the end of this run!

Mile 1- 12:23

Mile 2- 11:25

Mile 3- 11:21

Mile 4- 11:36

Mile 5- 14:19

Mile 6- 11:46

Mile 7- 11:40

Mile 8-12:11

Mile 9-15:38

Mile 10: 11:45

Mile 11- 12:22

Mile 12- 11:21

Mile 13- 15:23

Mile 14- 13:35

Mile 15- 11:18

Other stats: Total time- 3:08:10, Average pace- 12:33 min/mile, Average HR- 152bpm, Max HR- 179bpm.

I was definitely aiming to keep my heart rate low and just be careful. It was so hot and humid and I knew I was in the danger zone. It’s so important that if you run in this heat you stay hydrated and be careful! The husband went for a run on his own and covered 6.2 miles. He was already home when I got back and he knew I had it rough so he started handing me drinks- first a giant glass of ice water then my Hammer Recoverite followed by another glass of ice water. I bet if he knew how to start an IV he would have!

I plan to be useless for the remainder of the day, I even took a two hour nap already! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!