There’s no need to rush – Jordin Sparks. This song came on my ipod as I was driving to work this morning (I have a hook-up in my car) and I decided it would be my new calming mantra. Today I cancelled my appointment with the surgeon. My Mom was telling one of her Nursing School besties about my little predicament and she highly recommended a breast care specialist that women come to see from around the world. After discussing it with my Mom we both agreed that a surgeon who specializes in breast care, rather than one whose main advertisement is weight loss surgery, would be a better pick. So even though my appointment isn’t for another 10 days (I was able to get in on the 18th) I feel much calmer. I was even able to get orders for an ultrasound on my right breast, just in case. I should be able to get that appointment this week and have everything in order for my appointment with the new surgeon. So until the 18th I’m going to just take this whole thing one step at a time.

Where we were married, one of my happy places.

When you need to find the strength
It’s your faith that makes you stronger