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Remember when I said ‘I don’t do treadmills’ in this post? Well, the Tampa Bay area has been dealing with this the past 2 days:


Yesterday morning I headed out for a run, unaware of the inclement weather. I got maybe a 1/2 mile from the house and saw the lightning. I’ll run in the rain but lightning is a game ender. By the time I got home I had only gone 0.8 miles and on the schedule for the day was 4 miles. No biggie, I thought, I’d just finish the run after work. I did pack a gym bag *just in case* and it was a good thing because it was still storming when I got off work.

Off to the gym I went to reunite with this:

Now I will say it wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty nice to not have to think about pace. I can also see the humor in the fact that the t.v. that is rightinfrontofyourface on the treadmill was not only stuck on but it was stuck on Nickelodeon. iCarly looks like quality programming for tweens.

I did another 3.8 miles on the treadmill bringing Tuesday’s total mileage to 4.6. I’m only slightly traumatized since I was able to do today’s 5 mile pace run outside after work. Plus I drowned my sorrows in this:

I settled for Diet since I’m training for a Marathon. 😉 I very rarely drink soda but when I do it’s always Dr. Pepper!

Happy Hump Day!! 😀