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Another Forrest Gump quote! Hopefully you’re not sick of them already because there’s many more to come! 😉 That quote sums up how I felt today towards the end of my long run. I’m pretty proud to say that this week I got in all my planned training, though I did swap two days. Week 9 (can’t believe I’m already half-way through training!) broken down by day:

Monday: Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit. 120 cleans, 150 burpees (!!!!) among other things, this workout kicked my butt!

Tuesday: Planned- 4 miles easy. Actual- 4.6 miles easy. With scary storms rolling through the Tampa Bay area I was forced inside to run on the treadmill. I ran 0.8 miles outside and 3.8 miles inside on the ‘mill.

Wednesday: Planned- 5 miles pace. Actual- 5 miles pace. My pace was spot on during this run but I had some achey pain in my knee. Lots of icing this week!

Thursday: Planned- 4 miles easy + CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit. This workout had lots of rowing, some handstand push-ups, dumbbell thrusters, push press, etc. I didn’t run in the morning, instead I slept in and swapped Thursday’s and Friday’s workouts.

Friday: Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit + 4 miles easy. I had an ultrasound scheduled for 830am so I had time to fit in 5am CrossFit (mostly biceps and triceps) and then hit the road for 4 miles easy. This run was ssllooowww! I had a wicked side stitch for the first 3 miles, probably because I chugged water after CrossFit. Running distance after CrossFit is always a bit more difficult for me so I’m thinking I’ll have to do some ‘brick workouts’ of CrossFit immediately followed by running when I start training for Tough Mudder. Did I mention I’ve lost my mind and signed up for Tough Mudder with my CrossFit team? Heh, yeah.

Saturday: Planned- rest. Actual- rest! I did some much needed cleaning around the house then hit up the grocery store. Husband and I have been seeing commercials for Jeremiah Weed and wondered what the heck it was. After googling and discovering it was sweet tea with alcohol we knew we had to try it. Good old Publix liquor store had one flavor so I picked up a six pack. I felt extra classy since I was wearing my Oldsmar Tap House 5K t-shirt that says ‘will run for beer’ on the back. Alcoholic.

It was pretty good! I’m on the hunt for the Peach Tea flavor!

Sunday: Planned- 11 miles easy. Actual- 11 miles. I’m not sure what got into me on this run. I started out all sluggish and then found my legs, by the end I was pacing right between my 5K and 10K paces. It felt sooo good to be going fast I decided not to fight it! The splits:

Mile 1- 11:38

Mile 2- 11:03

Mile 3- 10:56

Mile 4- 10:42

Mile 5- 12:43 (fueling)

Mile 6- 10:49

Mile 7- 10:14

Mile 8- 9:58

Mile 9- 11:50 (fueling again)

Mile 10- 9:26

Mile 11- 8:39

Other stats: Total time- 1:58:21, Average pace- 10:44 min/mile, Average HR- 149bpm, Max HR- 186bpm.

I started out nice and early, I wanted to be at least half done before the sun came up. My timing was perfect, the sun was just peeking around 5.5 miles in. I never felt overheated but made sure to drink plenty. This run gave me a nice confidence boost. With my heart rate low the entire time but my pacing increasingly picking up, I’m feeling good about being able to hold a 10min/mile pace for the marathon.

Sorry no pictures of the run! I’m still waiting for the Otterbox that the husband ordered for my new EVO (he got one for his too). I also need to order a bigger pouch for my hydration belt. Wanna see the first picture I took with my new phone instead?


Sorry ladies, he’s taken. 😀