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At CrossFit last night part of our WOD was push press. We were doing 3 rounds and each round was for time, an official unofficial competition. On the very first round I got to the push press and about 10 reps in I bashed myself in the mouth with the olympic bar. Luckily (I guess) my mouth was open and I only got my teeth rather than my teeth and my lip, which I would bet would have meant stitches. After a quick mirror check to make sure all my teeth were still intact I went on with the workout and even came in first on the third round.

I did have a lot of chipping in both of the two front teeth and a crack in one so today included a trip to the dentist.

Thankfully he said that there was no immediate significant damage or position change. In two weeks I have another appointment for a cleaning and he’ll check my teeth again and smooth out the chips (the sensitivity should have dissipated by then).

Since I’m a look-on-the-bright-side kind of girl, I was immediately giddy when I discovered that the dentist’s office is right next door to a running store. Even though I had my credit card and was lacking adult supervision in a running store, I only bought a few items.

I really need to just order a case of the sports beans! I prefer them over Gu but it’s not very cost-effective to buy them in single packs. The nuun wasn’t necessary and it’s not what will be provided in the marathon but I’ve heard great things, so why not? Then the pink sweatyband caught my eye, I couldn’t pass it up! It’s pink! 😉

So now I’ve added an injury category because these things unfortunately happen. You better believe I’ll be much more careful when I’ve got heavy objects near my face!