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Yesterday was the big appointment with the surgeon for the breast lumps I found about a month and a half ago. I started off the morning right with sleeping in and then meeting my Mom at Starbucks for breakfast. After noming on some Iced Passion Tea and chocolate chip banana bread we headed over to the office. They were running really behind but there was plenty of reading material provided:

The hour wait was well worth it though, the surgeon is pretty amazing. After the ‘what’s going on’ chit-chat she gave me an incredibly thorough breast exam; I kinda felt like she should have bought me dinner first. 😉

Her conclusions are that she’s pretty sure the lumps are fibroadenomas but a biopsy is needed to confirm. I was given the choice of biopsy first with removal later or removal now with biopsy after they’re out. Since the recovery time for removal is so short -1 week- I decided to go ahead and remove them now. Don’t worry, I scheduled the surgery for a step-back week. 🙂 I’ll be going under the knife on the 31st of this month but they won’t be putting me completely under. So that they don’t have to use a breathing tube they’ll be putting me in ‘twilight’ which is where I’m right on the edge. I won’t be out but I won’t feel or remember anything.

Another thing that the Doctor found is a heart murmur! I’ve never heard that before and I get annual physicals in addition to my annual lady check-ups. Her thoughts are that I’ve probably had it my whole life but that it comes and goes. It was likely obvious yesterday because of the high stress situation. I’ll be visiting a cardiologist and getting an echocardiogram just to document it. Other than that she says it isn’t anything to worry about. Party on Wayne!

After the appointment I decided to provide some stress relief in the form of 8 miles at race pace followed by CrossFit. Since it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon (aka hot as H-E-double hockey sticks) I headed over to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. I had quite the set-up going on, good thing it was an odd time and no one else was there.

No I wasn’t running bottom-less! The shorts were for CrossFit since I was wearing a running skirt for the run. In the yellow Amphipod bottle is nuun. It was ok but tasted kind of like flat soda. I’ll give it another try next week. The miles flew by, it was probably because Law and Order: SVU marathon was on. Detective Stabler *drool*. I then rushed over to CrossFit where I was greeted with a power lifting workout. I dubbed today’s workouts crazy 8’s (my all-time favorite card game):

  • 8 miles pace
  • 80 total reps of cleans @ 55-65 lbs (I dropped down to 55 half-way through)
  • 80 total reps of deadlifts @ 95 lbs
  • 80 total reps of back squats @ 50 lbs
  • 80 total reps of front squat/ push-press @ 45 lbs
  • 80 total reps of GHD sit-ups

The CrossFit workout was 8 rounds of 10 reps each. I was really struggling but I finished all 8 rounds within the hour. My quads are shredded now so thankfully today’s workout was focused on biceps and triceps.

I came home to this:

Gym cats are the new gym rats.

Snuggles attempting to stow-away. I wonder if my gym accepts cats as members. She clearly wants to get buff!