Husband and I were about to leave the house this morning when we heard the mail run. Neither of us were expecting anything special but I grabbed it anyway so that it wouldn’t sit in the box all day. A very unexpected letter was waiting for me:

It’s a hand written letter from my surgeon. It says:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your trust in allowing us to be *something I can’t read* of your care. Please call if you have any questions, anytime, before we see you again. And keep on Running!


*The best surgeon in the world*

Obviously she signed with her real name but I’d rather not share that for now. The fact that she took the time to sit down and write me a letter and wrote something so personal in there really touched me. It’s no secret that I’m a cry baby so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I teared up a bit when I read the last line.

I’m gonna go ahead and follow the good Doctor’s orders! 17 miles in the morning, bring it on!