I warned you that you couldn’t get rid of me that easily didn’t I? 🙂 The surgery went well yesterday and the only hiccup was my heart rate. I have a pretty low resting heart rate, especially when I’m in the peak of my marathon training. Last time I had it measured at a physical with my primary MD it was 53bpm (it was the first appointment of the day, I was 4 weeks into marathon training cycle #1 and I hadn’t had coffee yet). When I went in yesterday the nurse brought me to the back to get a urine sample (I’m not pregnant) and measure my heart rate and blood pressure. I was measuring low 50’s, which is normal for me.

I got gowned up in their incredibly fashionable duds and relaxed until it was show-time.

The procedure was quick and everyone involved were so nice and caring. I felt like part of a big family. The last thing I remember was talking to the surgeon about the advantages of running groups, next thing I knew, I’m looking at husband and my mommy in the recovery room. My mom’s bestie, aka the best OR recovery nurse evah, was taking care of me. I hate the feeling of coming out of anesthesia. It feels like your body is fighting to wake up but your brain is telling you to stay sleeping. It’s a dramatic version of having to get up earlier than normal. Fun fact: this is the 3rd time I’ve had surgery, first was a breast reduction in ’08 (I’ll probably post about this at some point), second was all 4 wisdom teeth removed in ’09.

During surgery my heart rate was monitored at a steady 50bpm. In recovery the machine I was hooked up to kept measuring me in the low 40’s. The lowest we saw was 41bpm. Mom’s bestie pushed some more fluid through my IV but my heart rate didn’t want to go above 46bpm. I offered to do some burpies (*shudder*) to get it higher but I’m not allowed to exercise for a week. Darn! After talking to the anesthesiologist and taking a manual count of 50bpm, I was officially allowed to go home.

Waiting on our doorstep were these lovelies:

My sister-in-law (who is also a doctor!) sent me these gorgeous flowers. She is such a sweetheart! See Stella enjoying ‘quiet time’ in her crate? Emma is in the crate next to her with a visual barrier (black posterboard) in between them. We separate them during feeding and give them about 15 minutes to cool down after eating to prevent fighting.

Mom sent us home with these:

Mmmm Panera brownies.

I wasn’t feeling any pain,  just weak and tired. How could I feel pain with brownies and roses?! My only complaints were a headache (probably from lack of caffeine but it improved the more water I drank) and a sore lower back. I’m a stomach sleeper so having to be on my back all day and night made it pretty uncomfortable to sleep.

Today I’m a bit sore but I have to say I’ve felt worse after an intense CrossFit workout. I have an entire bottle of narcotic pain killers but don’t plan to take any of them. So that’s that, the tumor has been removed and we should know the biopsy results by tomorrow!

Husband will be taking me to the dentist this afternoon. I went on Tuesday to get the chips in my teeth evened out and get a total mouth pressure-washing. The hygienist was so thorough (she even busted out the hook of doom) that more of my tooth chipped off where there was a crack. So I’ll be going back today to have the missing chunk filled in with special tooth epoxy.

On a completely unrelated note, if it fits it ships right?

Iiiitttt’sss a cat in a box! (Please tell me you get that SNL reference! <– not for kids!!)