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I got the official lab results back for the biopsy of the tumor I had removed from my left breast on Wednesday. No cancer here folks! I’m pretty sure cancer was scared away by my massive guns…

Sorry for the repeat picture but you gotta admit, I look pretty ripped in that pic!

On Thursday I went to the dentist again to get my tooth fixed again. They were aware that I would be one day post-op and would likely not be thrilled to be at the dentist. Yet I waited well over an hour to see the dentist. I was not a happy camper and neither was the husband. Poor guy, not only did he have to sit there for almost 2 hours bored out of his mind but he had to listen to me whine for a good portion of it! 😉

Alas the tooth is fixed, my boob is fixed, now the incision just needs to heel and I’ll be back on the road in no time. I think my shoes are getting lonely already:

Poor little fellas.

Since this weekend won’t be full of workouts in preparation for my fall marathon, I’ve made plans with the lovely Jena and the equally lovely Carolyn to go shopping. Retail therapy!! My poor credit card, it doesn’t stand a chance!