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You don’t know where that quote is from? You! Iiiiidddiiiooottt! Come on now, that’s a ‘commercial’ from the show Ren and Stimpy Show. For your viewing pleasure:

Makes me giggle every time.

This week’s recap is a bit short on workouts given the whole surgery thing. Let’s break it down by day anyway and I’ll fill in with random commentary (which I’m sure you’ll appreciate).

Monday- Planned: CrossFit. Actual: Rest. With the night time 18 mile run on Sunday I decided to go to CrossFit in the evening (rather than my usual 5am time). Something came up with the trainers and the evening session I had planned to attend was cancelled. No biggie, my legs thanked me for the day of rest.

Tuesday- Planned: 5 miles easy. Actual: CrossFit. I went to a morning session of CrossFit and planned to run after work. Unfortunately I had to cancel my evening run due to weather.

Wednesday- Planned: 5 miles pace. Actual: Surgery.

Thursday- Planned: 5 miles easy + CrossFit. Actual: Rest. In addition to a trip to the dentist to get my tooth fixed, husband and I stopped at a bicycle shop to start exploring our options. The guy we talked to was very knowledgable and really explained a lot of things. He sent us home with some catalogs to peruse.

Friday- Planned: CrossFit. Actual: Rest. I returned to work on Friday and thankfully it was really low-key since over half the office was off for the long weekend. Husband and I ordered a pizza from a small local shop for dinner and I just have to share the picture I snapped:

I spy a naughty Emma-Dog!

Saturday- Planned: Rest. Actual: 1 mile walk with the mutts. Carolyn, Jena and I headed out to Orlando to brave the crowds for the awesome deals at the Premium Outlets. We also met up with Kathy who is in town!

Carolyn, Me, Kathy and Jena! (Thanks Carolyn for the pic- I totally jacked it off Facebook! 😀 )

My mission was to get a new tank for the marathon from Lululemon because my Nike tank was causing chafing along one of the back seams. My Lululemon haul:

I got the Turbo Run Short ($44), the Power Y Tank ($44), the Speedy Run Hat ($5) and the Everywear Gym Bag ($39).

My LOFT haul:

The sweaters I got for $20 each, the black skirt I got for a whopping $3.34 and the striped skirt for $27.

Sunday- Planned: 13 miles. Actual: 1 mile walk with the mutts. I have to confess, ‘long run day’ was incredibly difficult for me. Today the husband went for his long run (he covered 8.5 miles) and I took care of him when he got home. Giving him water, G2, making his Recoverite and breakfast when he got back. Usually it’s the other way around. He could tell I was bumming so after we did our grocery shopping he took me to Yogurt Mountain. Afterwards we went for a drive around Anna Maria Island and on the way home we stopped at Jose’s Real Cuban Food. I’ll be posting a rave review of it tomorrow, make sure to stop in for it!