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While out and about Sunday, the husband and I decided to stop in and try Jose’s Real Cuban Food. The husband had seen a local article written about the restaurant’s upcoming feature on the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. He likes a good cuban and I like him so we went for it. Unfortunately when we pulled in the parking lot it appeared the be closed. Since I’m too blind to read the sign on the door and too lazy to get out of the car, I googled the hours on my EVO.

While I was waiting for the page to load (no 4G in Bradenton yet) a man came out of the restaurant and came up to the car. I recognized him right away as Jose, the owner. He told us that he was closed on Sundays but was there for catering jobs and asked if we had ever been to the restaurant before. When we answered no he told us to come inside and he would whip us up a couple cubans to go.

Husband knows how I get when I’m hungry so he wasn’t about to turn that offer down! Jose gave us some of his “house signature” pork to snack on while he made our cubans. He told us how organized, professional and nice the staff was from the Food Network and how excited he is for the episode to air. I can only imagine how he must feel being the star of the show, we’re so excited that we have our calendars clear for 9pm on September 19th too. 😀

Jose sent us home with two giant cubans, homemade flan and some cuban sodas. The goods:

A close-up view of the deliciousness!

Look at how huge that sandwich is! And this is the smaller of the two that we had already cut a 2″ piece from to try.

The cubans were sssooooo good! They just melted in your mouth. The bread was the perfect mix of crunchy and soft and the meat to condiments ratio was ideal. By far the best I’ve ever had! We washed down the cubans with the sodas he sent us home with. They were both tasty, one was a cream soda and the other was similar in taste to root beer.  We’re big dessert people, I always have to eat something sweet at the end of the day. The flan did not disappoint. It was sweet, but not overly-so and had a nice strong flavor of cinnamon.

I’m sure he thought I was crazy but I had to get a picture with him! I’m so glad I got all dolled up! 😛

Obviously we are huge fans and will definitely be going back for more! Jose was an incredibly nice, outgoing guy who took time out of his Sunday to make a couple strangers some cubans. That kind of amazing customer service and care seems to have become more the exception than the rule. Jose and his real cuban food have made loyal repeat customers out of us! Next time we’ll be going during business hours and I’m eyeballing the homemade Sangria pitchers he has on the menu!

Disclaimer: this is my honest review. I was not paid or asked to write this review (and we paid for the food).