Sorry for the absence (again), I’ve had an insane week! Between finally getting cleared to run again and being the Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding, there has been no rest! This week 13 recap will be pretty short but at least I have workouts to blog!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 1 mile walks with the pups.

Thursday: On Thursday I had an appointment with the surgeon and she cleared me for exercise! I’m 100% on the running intensity but she doesn’t want me to lift heavy for another 2ish weeks. I’m able to do CrossFit but with modifications (which my awesome trainers are giving me). Normally I’d go home and immediately run but I had a different kind of workout planned. Pole Dancing! In honor of my bestie’s last single nights I planned a night of pole dancing, tapas and bar hopping for her and her closest friends. I’ll be dedicating a full post on this but for now here’s a preview:

That’s me in the white doing a ‘sexy walkaround.’

Friday: With being out late for the Bachelorette party, having to work early and then having the wedding rehearsal and dinner after work I didn’t get in any workouts.  I did have plenty of fun though!

Saturday: 5 miles pace. I woke up early before all the wedding festivities got started to do this run.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life two weeks. Do you have that song in your head now? You’re welcome. Saturday night was Jordan and Melissa’s wedding and I had ssooo much fun! Once I get permission from the bride and groom and some pictures I’ll be sure to post a full recap.

Sunday: 12 miles easy. There was no way I was getting up early to do this run so I slept in and tackled it before bed. Nothing too exciting to report, pace was fine, but like my run Saturday morning my heart rate was higher than desired. It wasn’t a struggle but I definitely had to work.

I was a bit worried about my training after my first two post-op runs didn’t go so well but then my confidence was boosted after my return to CrossFit on Monday and an awesome 5 miler on Tuesday. I’m definitely nervous for the marathon but I’m starting to get excited about the racing season in general.