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Whatever Bruce, you know you enjoy a good Salmon fillet just as much as I do.

It was recently requested by some new friends (hi Dan and Darek!) to do a blog post about what I typically eat. I post all of my workouts and some fun meals but I definitely don’t blog about what I eat on the daily. I think my hesitation from doing this is because I’ve seen a lot of bloggers get torn apart about how much (or little in most cases) they eat.

I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician. 

My diet is based on guidance from my trainer, some of my own research and of course personal experience. I took pictures of my food for one day and made sure my menu that day was representative of what I typically eat. Meals are ~3 hours apart. Sometimes I eat more, sometimes I eat less. If I’m hungry and identify that it’s real hunger (not boredom or thirst) then I’ll eat. As you will see (and have already seen in past posts), I have a major sweet tooth. I also will indulge in adult alcoholic beverages on occasion. Almost everything in this post is ‘serving size’ as recommended on the packaging. I say almost because the rice portions in lunch and dinner are halved to make 1 serving of rice for the entire day. I don’t measure everything out, I just use my calibrated eyeball to approximate the serving sizes (I’m pretty confident on the accuracy given my baking skills 😉 ).


Stonyfield Oikos greek yogurt, caramel in the bottom with Bear Naked original granola. Not pictured: coffee with creamer and artificial sweetener.

Usually this is accompanied by a banana but someone forgot to grab a bunch on the last grocery trip (ok fine, that would be my mistake). I alternate between this brand of greek yogurt and Stonyfield soy yogurt. I also use different flavors of granola but always the same brand. Other breakfast foods include Ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon raison english muffin with butter or peanut butter, oatmeal with peanut butter and banana mixed in and indulgences like scones, muffins, etc.

Morning Snack

EAS carbadvantedge chocolate fudge shake and cantaloupe.

I always have the EAS carbadvantedge shakes but will mix up the flavors. Fruit is a constant but it rotates between apples, peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc.


Flatout lite original wrap, colby jack cheese, uncle ben’s whole grain brown rice, sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce, lite mayo, red onion.

Baby spinach, chopped baby carrots, red onion, tomato, McCormick’s salad topper and Kraft 3 cheese lite ranch.

Dessert: cinnamon apple straws (sooo yummy!), Hershey’s bliss with raspberry filling and a Publix sugar cookie (provided from a work lunch function).

Full disclosure: I totally went back for a chocolate chip cookie. They were tasty but my Momma’s chocolate chip cookies blow these away!

Lunch is usually always a wrap or a salad. In the wraps is always a meat of some sort as a protein source (chicken, pork, etc), whole grain brown rice for carbs and red onions so that my coworkers will leave me alone for the rest of the day. 😉 I like a lot of veggies in my salads and top them with chicken, pork or veggie burger. If I have a wrap for lunch I always include a small side salad or other veggie (like broccoli or carrots) and if I have just a salad for lunch it’s always large. The cookies aren’t the norm, they were in the breakroom and I can’t say no to cookies.

Afternoon Snack

CLIF builder bar, chocolate mint

On days that I do CrossFit I eat a CLIF builder bar in the afternoon. Days that I don’t CrossFit I rotate CLIF Mojo bars, Luna bars and Lara bars.


Grilled chicken, broccoli and carrots, whole grain brown rice. Dinosaur BBQ sauce and lite 3 cheese ranch for dipping.

Dinner is the meal that varies quite a bit. What you see above is one of the most common dinners we make: a meat, a carb and a veggie. Some other common meals include large salads with grilled chicken and whole grain pasta. We cook at home a lot and only go out for dinner maybe 2-3/month.

Evening Snack

Publix Cookies ‘n Cream low-fat frozen yogurt with Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate sauce.

The husband and I have tried just about every frozen yogurt flavor that Publix makes and we both agree that cookies ‘n cream is hands down the best flavor. We don’t always have our evening snack (aka dessert) but we do pretty often.

All Day

High quality H2O.

I refill this bottle all day long. Hydration is very important to me, I get horrible headaches (I’m such a baby!) if I’m not properly watered. As a result I’m using the potty all. the. time. You can imagine this irks the husband on road trips!

Supplements: Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Prenatal Vitamin and Align (for my tummy).

The oils were recommended by my trainers and the vitamin and Align were recommended by my MD.

I plugged everything into Livestrong.com’s MyPlate application to easily calculate the totals:

Obviously there is room for improvement. The popular thinking is that a runner’s diet should consist of a carb/fat/protein ratio of 60/25/15 and I’m not quite there. Of course my carb:protein intake fluctuates depending on dinner. It’s definitely worth mentioning that my sodium intake is wwaaayyyy too high. That is something I need to monitor since my family has a history of heart disease.

So there you have it folks! I welcome constructive criticism but because I’m a puppies and rainbows kinda gal I won’t be approving mean or deliberately hurtful comments. That doesn’t mean I won’t approve comments if you don’t agree with my diet or have something negative to say about it, I just won’t approve if you’re evil. 😀