That’s what a runner warned me on Sunday while I was out for my long run. It didn’t really surprise me though, I was in the middle of nowhere and the sun was juuuust peaking over the horizon (the perfect time for a pig sighting). I never did see him (or maybe her?) but it reminded me to open my eyes to the beautiful scenery. My run didn’t start out so well but that’s getting ahead of myself. Let’s start this weekly recap from the beginning! I’m only going to list the actual workouts since this week I was still in recovery mode from the surgery. Next week everything is back on schedule.

Monday: Actual- CrossFit. My triumphant return to CrossFit! The surgeon’s guidance was to take it easy on the weights and to avoid using my chest for another week or two. Since the WOD was arm and chest heavy, the trainers modified the entire workout for me. I did 15 minute stations of abs, legs and rowing. It hurt so good to be back! The rest of the group had to do burpees, suckas!!

Tuesday: Actual- 5 miles easy. I felt like I was finally getting my mojo back on this run.

Wednesday: Actual- rest. I was so exhausted and didn’t want to overdo it. Oh, who am I kidding? I just wanted to sit on my rear on the couch!

Thursday: Actual- 5 miles easy + CrossFit. Another great run, another leg heavy CrossFit session!

Friday: Actual- CrossFit. I had spoken to my trainers on Thursday about bringing upper body back into my training. I have been feeling great, but obviously don’t want to overdo it and go backwards. They agreed to let me use light weights and body weight but still no chest. I was able to do the bicep and tricep WOD with some lighter weight and skipped the rope climb and push-ups (darn!).

Saturday: Actual- 4.39 miles. When I set out for this run I had a plan of 8 miles pace. Unfortunately I had some sharp knee pains 1.5 miles in and my pace just wasn’t there. With 16 miles planned for Sunday I couldn’t risk getting hurt so I headed home and picked up the pups for a walk/jog workout. I dropped Emma off after the walk portion because she has hip dysplasia (genetic- she’s only 3) and can’t run.

Sunday: Actual- 16 miles. This run started off slow and sluggish. I knew it was all in my head because my heart rate was really low. I was finally into it after my first fueling break (breaks after 4, 8 and 12 miles) and it was smooth sailing from then on.

Other than the potential wild pig sighting the run was pretty uneventful. The temperatures were much nicer than usual with 72° at the start and 77° at the finish. The nicer weather definitely brought out more runners, I saw about 10 people out running (I’m usually lucky to see 1). I’m definitely not sad to see the summer go!

In other weather/seasonal news, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially back at our local Starbucks! Oddly enough, drinking this tasty (iced) PSL made me really excited for the racing season.

Mmmm! Gotta have whipped cream on the first one!

Emma has been excessively getting up on the bed and couch lately (even though she knows she’s not allowed) so we got her a dog bed. We decided to start her off with a cheap one to see how she would like a bed. What do you think?

Is she unimpressed with the idea of a dog bed or just the idea of a cheap one?

At least Stella likes it!

Spoiled puppies! 😀

That’s the week 14 recap,  I can’t believe I only have 1 more long run before I start my taper! 20 miles here I come!