Aka week 16 of Marathon training. The first week of tapering wasn’t too bad though it did coincide with PMS so I did have one emotional run. Any boys reading this skip the rest of this paragraph- I’m ssoooo glad my period is this week and not during the marathon. Can you imagine having to worry about all that while running 26.2 miles? Ick!

Ok boys, you’re safe. No more period talk, I promise. 😀

Broken down by day:

Monday: Planned- CrossFit, Actual- CrossFit. If your memory is sharp you’ll recall that on Sunday (the day before) I ran 20 miles. Most sane people would skip a workout the day after a 20 miler. Well, I’m training for my second marathon ya’ll, obviously a screw was loose from the beginning. I did however request modifications for anything that required me to bend my legs since my awesome left knee was cranky after 20 miles. This was luckily more of an upper body workout anyway.

Tuesday: Planned- 5 miles easy. Actual- Rest. Since the knee was still cranky I played it safe with the running and took another running rest day.

Wednesday: Planned- 6 miles pace. Actual- 5 miles easy. This was the emotional run. I had a craptastic day and I was PMSing. I got 3 miles into my run, battling emotional demons the whole way, and found myself all alone at the end of an empty street with My Chemical Romance’s ‘I’m Not Ok (I Promise)’ blasting through my ipod. I stopped running, stopped my watch and just stood there and cried. True story. I needed that cry so bad. I pulled myself together and finished my run.

Thursday: Planned- 5 miles easy + CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit. I was completely out of gas during the morning CrossFit session and with the post-nasal drip I was experiencing I called up my MD when they opened. I skipped the run in favor of an early night to bed to help fight the sinus infection.

Friday: Planned- CrossFit. Actual- CrossFit + 5.69 miles. I was feeling much better with the antibiotics so I decided to take advantage of my day off work and do a brick-like workout in preparation for Tough Mudder in December. I’ll probably try to start doing one of these a week after the marathon. CrossFit was arm heavy and then I came home, refueled, changed my shirt and set out for a run of unknown distance.

Welcome to the gun show

Husband begged me not to overdo it and I just wanted to do ‘a few’ miles. Well, that turned into almost 6 miles. I couldn’t help it, I felt awesome!

I also made a new running friend. I saw a woman pushing her two kids in a jogging stroller at the very beginning of my run. Towards the end I saw her again on her cool down and she stopped me to ask how far I usually run. I stopped my watch and chatted with her for a few minutes. Turns out she is addicted to running (like me) and her name is Jennifer (like me) and she lives less than a mile away!

Saturday: Planned- Rest, Actual- Rest.

Sunday: Planned- 12 miles. Actual- 12 miles. If you follow other Florida bloggers than I’m sure you’re well aware that the temperatures were awesome this weekend. Husband and I ‘slept in’ until 6am and were on the road by 7. I was feeling pretty amazing and was hitting race pace easily with a really low heart rate.

See the weirdness starting at mile 9? Well, the husband was pacing even faster than I was so I was surprised to catch sight of him walking around mile 9. I knew something was wrong and really felt for him when he told me his knee was bothering him. After walking a little over a mile with him we decided I should run home, get the car and then come pick him up. So I hauled butt home to be his knight in shining auto! 😀

We think it might be IT band issues so he’ll be foam rolling, icing and trying out a compression band. As of now we’re not sure if he will run the half in two weeks. We would both rather he play it safe (obviously).

Only 2 weeks left ya’ll! I’m ready for this race but terrified at the same time. Only 13 days left! Aaahhh!