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With every race I participate in I always stalk the weather once we’re in the 10 day window on weather.com. For the marathon, tomorrow begins the official stalking. Now of course coupled with the Madness, I’ve been stalking a bit early.

Ok fine. It has nothing to do with Taper Madness, I’m just straight up crazy. I’ve been stalking the weather for at least a month and a half now, looking for trends. I definitely didn’t realize how ridiculous that is until I typed it out… heh… 😳

So anyway… as of right now the weather is looking decent:

Saturday (the 15th) is very close to my ideal weather situation for racing. Low 40’s for the low and low 60’s for the high. I know I can’t control the weather, but of course it’s the thing that’s stressing me out the most! You at least know where to find me: glued to my computer clicking the refresh button on my browser every few minutes!