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Sorry for the absence ya’ll (it seems I’m having to say that too often lately)! The Marathon is in two days (!!!!!) and I’ve been running around, literally and figuratively, trying to get everything done. I’m going to do a very quick recap of the last 2 weeks of workouts and only include the actual.

Week 17:

Monday: CrossFit.

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: CrossFit. “Filthy Fifty”

I can’t remember everything we did (maybe I blocked it out) and it wasn’t the same as the actual CrossFit filthy fifty but I do recall push-ups, push press, back extensions and box jumps. The workout is called filthy fifty because you do 50 reps of each exercise.

Saturday: 4 miles easy

Sunday: 8 miles easy

Week 18:

Monday: CrossFit.

100 pull ups
100 pushups
100 sit ups
100 Squats
Followed By:
Handstand pushups
Followed By:  2000 meter row.

Tuesday: 3 miles.

Wednesday-Saturday: Rest. I had actually planned on a 4 mile run on Wednesday but it sadly never happened. The extra rest on my whiney knee can’t hurt though!

That’s all the workouts until 26.2 on Sunday! I’m sorry for the quick crappy post but I promise to be back with some final thoughts before the marathon and obviously there will be a recap afterwards.  And because no post is complete without a picture:

Aww, they tolerate each other! ❤