For all the races I’ve trained for I’ve always used Hal Higdon’s plans. Part of his marathon plans includes a ‘zero week’ which is the first week after the marathon and then 4 weeks of recovery. For the OBX Marathon I followed his Novice plan exactly and then his Novice recovery plan exactly. For the Empire State Marathon I frankensteined his Intermediate I plan and even then didn’t follow it exactly so it was only fitting that I didn’t quite follow his recovery prescription. 😉  Let’s take a look at zero week shall we?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- Rest.  Between vacation, traveling, returning to work and general soreness there was no way I was going to run these days.

Thursday- CrossFit. The first part was arm heavy and the second part was leg heavy. I was sucking wind on the first part but dominated the second part.

21 DB snatch right arm (30 lbs)
21 Pullups
21 DB snatch left arm (30 lbs)
21 Pullups
3 rounds for time

Run 400 meters
15 overhead Squats (45 lbs)
5 rounds for time

Friday- CrossFit. This was a total body workout and I really struggled. One of my goals after the marathon was to start moving up in weight. The extra weight Thursday and Friday has been difficult but I know it’s the only way to improve.

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 10 miles easy.

I fueled after 5 miles with CarbBoom! energy gel, the Vanilla Orange flavor. It was delish, tasted just like a creamscicle! (I’m not getting paid to say that by the way, we bought some at the Empire State expo and this was my first run trying them out).

My heart rate was a bit high for this run, I definitely struggled a bit but I was happy with my pace for the most part.

Overall I’d say my recovery is going as I expected, I’m not full throttle yet but I’ll be there soon. Now that the marathon is over and race season is in full swing, it’s time to think about what I’ll do for the rest of the season. My goals? To PR in all race distances (cross marathon off the list!), to qualify for Half Fanatics with Jena and run a sub-2hr half marathon. I’ll post a race schedule once I discuss and have agreement from the husband. 😀

And because I like to include photos with my posts, here is one from our vacation:

Picture taken from inside my Dad’s 1980 Corvette. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving, husband was! 😉

I love Syracuse in the Fall!