I’m a very goal oriented person. I need a deadline to focus on so that I can make a plan. While I don’t always stick 100% to the plan, it’s comforting to have a general guide and know what is on my agenda. So the hardest thing after this marathon hasn’t been my body recovering, it’s been my mind. After finishing Empire State Marathon in my goal time then running my first half in under 2 hours (another goal accomplished), I feel like: Now What?

Sure, I have at least 5 more half marathons on the agenda and I’ve adjusted my season goals to include a 1:55 half, but let’s face it. I love the full distance.


Plus the husband said something game changing. He told me he was considering running a full marathon. Since I’m already trained and he’s part of the way there, I strong-armed my running coworker into picking us out a marathon (yup, coworker will be running too!).  The criteria: not a big race but not a small one either, local to Florida, late January to early February time frame and flat. This is what he came up with: 26.2 with Donna: Fight to Finish Breast Cancer.

I’m not 100% committing to this one but I will put together a plan and start training for it. The reason I’m not registering immediately? Well it’s no secret amongst our family and friends that the husband and I are now officially not not trying to have a baby. Whether I run the full or half distance will be dependent on whether I am with child and how I feel if I am. And that’s all I have to say about that (until I’m 12 weeks pregnant and no I’m not pregnant yet). 🙂

The new training plan will start next week and will look similar to the previous plan, except there will be speedwork (ew) and many races dotted along the way. This will have to include prioritizing my races and while it will kill me (mentally), not full out racing them all. Here’s a quick recap of my last non-race-specific training:

Monday: Rest, my knee was bothering me a bit after the race.

Tuesday: CrossFit (on my birthday yay!)

3 rounds for time of:

  • Row 1000 meters
  • 5 short rope pulls
  • Run 2 Suicides
  • 10 Handstand Pushups
  • 100 Jump Rope (single unders)
  • 30 Ring Body Rows
  • 40 Rockers

My time was 47:55. 

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: CrossFit.

15 min stations (how many rounds):

1.) 20 TRX bicep curl

20 TRX skull crusher

10 olympic bar bicep curl (65 lbs)

10 olympic bar skull crusher (65 lbs)

3 rounds

2.) 10 bench press (95lbs for the first 2 rounds then I dropped to 85lbs)

10 chest fly (20 lb dumbbells for first 2 rounds then I dropped to 15lbs)

20 ring push-ups (feet up on box)

3 rounds

3.) 250 meter row

30 russian twist (35lb plate)

20 reverse back extension

5 rounds

Friday: CrossFit and 3 miles easy

Reps: 30-20-10

Bear: deadlift, clean, push-press, back squat (65 lbs)



2000 meter row at the end.

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 15 miles. I decided on the distance that I consider to be on the low end of my high mileage spectrum, which would be 15-20 miles. Even though my pace was solid and my heart rate was strong, my ankle was bothering me the entire time. Not a sharp hurt and definitely not in the joint but more of an uncomfortable ache on the exterior. It feels like a bruise at the very bottom of where my fibula connects to my calcaneus. Whenever I take a step (whether walking or running) in only my running shoes, the Mizuno Inspire 7s, the shoe feels like it’s bumping up against my ankle and it hurts. This all started during/after the marathon, where we were directed to run on the banked shoulder of the road. I’m really not sure what to do from here, buying new shoes seems like such a waste as these only have ~100-150 miles on them but I really don’t think I should run in them anymore. What is even more frustrating is that this is my millionth pair of Inspires and my second pair of Inspire 7s and I’ve never had this problem before. *sigh* Looks like a trip to the running store is in my future.

I know Halloween is long gone but I had to share my favorite costume from this year. Remember how I said my brother and I quote Ace Ventura endlessly? Well his costume further reiterated our Ace obsession:

3-51! 3-51! Rover sit! Hut! Hut!

Bahahaha! I love my family!