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The biggest reason for my absence the past few weeks has been frustration with my shoes and running. After a little experimenting it became clear that new shoes were necessary. Switching shoes was a daunting task since I’ve been wearing the Mizuno Inspires for 7 years now. Unfortunately it had to happen so I ventured out to a few running stores and at first came home with these:

The Brooks Adrenaline. I wanted to love them, especially since Jena runs in them and she’s wicked fast. 😉 I ran in them a couple times and had more bad runs than good with pain in both my bad knee and good knee. I went ahead and exchanged them for the Saucony Guide 4s. My ultimate plan is to transition to the Guide 5s, which have an 8mm drop, are lighter and a tad closer to the ground.

My training hadn’t been going so well either. My running was awful, with most of my runs (of the few I did) ending in frustration from pain. The sessions at CrossFit were also going poorly. Obviously the lifting parts slowed down and got harder since I’m upping the weight but I had been sucking wind on the cardio based sessions also. I just hadn’t been feeling like I was there 100%.

Finally this week I feel like I’m all there. I have a training plan written out and I think I’m finally fully recovered from the marathon. The plan:

(I’m fully aware that the totals are probably way off, I had to estimate a lot of them. Also- some of these halfs might move, I’m still deciding between a couple different ones for January.)

Another big goal I’m working on is unassisted pull-ups. The trainers are teaching me the proper kipping and they assure me the strength is there.

So here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Thirsty cat! (don’t worry, I replaced my glass after this)

The pups enjoying some of the nice weather we briefly had.

The husband took me to dinner at the Riverhouse Reef and Grill for my birthday and we sat out on the deck. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous!

A birthday present from the husband- Mizuno Ascend trail running shoes! I can’t wait to try these out.

I saw these at the Adidas outlet. I’m very surprised you can just buy these randomly at an outlet mall.

I started baking my Thanksgiving contribution last night. It’s a four layer monstrosity of a cake and I can’t wait to see how it finally turns out!

Here is the cake so far. That is a 15oz can of pumpkin next to it for size reference!

I guess I should also note that in my last post I said I had the St Pete Times Drumstick Dash 5K next on the calendar. I’ve decided not to do it. Both logistics and running fatigue were the ultimate deciders. So what’s really next is Tough Mudder with my CrossFit team! 😀