When I finally shuffled out to the kitchen this morning (no black friday shopping for me- no thank you!) the husband was feasting on pumpkin pie for breakfast. I wish I could say that I joined in but he didn’t share. Butt head. It’s just as well considering I ate a shameful amount of food last night that resulted in me going to bed early with a horrible stomachache.

I at least started my Thanksgiving off right with intervals at a nearby track (5×400’s, 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile cool down):

As much as I complain about speedwork, I don’t really mind intervals. Well, I don’t mind 5 of them, ask me again if I mind them when I’m doing 8 or more. 😉 Splits 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 were the fast ones. I had planned on doing 5K pace but I’m not really sure where that is now. My current PR is 8:20min/mile but my goal is to hold sub 8 for my next 5K (first of this season). Obviously these intervals were a tad on the fast side but they weren’t horribly uncomfortable.

I came home and finished frosting the massive cake I started baking Tuesday night. This was actually pretty stressful because I decided during my run (I always get the best ideas when I’m running or vacuuming) to change from a whipped ganache frosting to chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. I realized I didn’t buy enough whipping cream the night before for the whipped ganache, hence the decision/need to change. If you have ever made a swiss meringue buttercream you know there are crucial points in the whipping process where the frosting needs to thicken. If it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, then the batch is a bust and I only had enough ingredients for one batch. During the final thickening phase it was taking longer than usual and I actually begged God to thicken my frosting. Not a moment I’m proud of but He did come through for me! 😀

Once the Cake Crisis was over I showered and strategically picked out a flowy dress to wear for the feast (you know, room for expansion). I headed up to my Momma’s house where most of my family would be gathering. I say most because my husband was working 😦 and my brother and one uncle (plus his wife and 2 boys) were in Syracuse. This is what the entire family looks like:

Yeah, we’re a crazy fun bunch. I don’t have any pictures of all the food but per the usual, my Mom put on an impressive feast. I do have a picture of the plate I brought home for the husband:

Things I’m Thankful For:

My wonderful husband who tolerates all my crazy running and even joins me on occasion. Plus, he’s so darn cute!

The animals. Each of them owns a little piece of my heart and the best part of coming home is the entire body wiggles that greet you at the door.

My ability to run and CrossFit and the fact that I love every aspect of both sports (ok fine, not burpees). I’m thankful that my trainers are so supportive and push me hard so that I can meet my goals. *The above photos are from videos that the trainers took. Me doing sit-ups and back squating 115lbs (I’m wearing blue in the 2nd pic)*

My health. After the little scare I had a few months ago I try not to take my health and fitness for granted. I try to remind myself after a crappy run that hey, at least I am alive and well enough to have a crappy run.

And of course my parents, without them I wouldn’t even be here! Ya’ll should be thankful too, if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t have lame incredibly entertaining blog posts to read!