Now I’ve been to Vegas, but the only money I lost on the slots was $10 and that was only to be able to say I played. I’m not against gambling or casinos, it just isn’t for me. Generally I don’t like to make a bet if I don’t at least have a decent chance at winning, especially if it has high stakes (I’m super competitive). So when I heard the bet that one of my trainers made with one of the guys I train beside (trainee?), I cringed. The bet? Who can put on the most weight without going over 8% body fat. The loser has to do the WOD in a leopard speedo and zoro mask. It would be videotaped and posted on youtube of course.

Now who do you think has a better chance at winning? The guy who is at the gym all day 6 days a week and makes a living out of fitness? Or the guy who goes and trains for an hour/day, a few days a week? Well, apparently it was a close race but the trainer won! From what I’ve heard, the speedo was actually a woman’s bathing suit bottom and there wasn’t enough *ahem* coverage. So he did the WOD in the leopard print bottoms but on top of dri-fit boxers. I’m not sure if there is a video but even if there was, I’d spare you. 😉

Speaking of CrossFit, here are my workouts from the past Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday- 50 minutes, how many rounds?

  • 10 clean (65lbs)
  • 10 butterfly pushup
  • 20 air squat
  • 400 meter run
  • 10 push press (65lbs)
  • 10 burpees <– yuck!
  • 20 sit ups
  • 400 meter run
  • 10 back squat
  • 10 rockers
  • 20 bicycle jump
  • 400 meter run

I did a total of 2.25 rounds. The first round we were in a group and took turns doing each exercise so we could critique each other’s form (with input from the trainers of course) and then we were set loose on our own.

Wednesday- 15 minute stations, how many rounds?

Station 1 (I did 3 rounds)-

  • 500 meter row
  • 20 pushup knee to elbow
  • 20 reverse back extension

Station 2 (I did 5 rounds)-

  •  10 bench press (85lbs)
  • 20 GHD situps
  • 100 air dyne

Station 3 (I did 4 rounds)-

  • 100 speed rope
  • 20 box jumps
  • 30 ring push-up (with feet up on box)

I’m now officially on rest until ToughMudder on Saturday. I’ll probably run tomorrow but I haven’t run yet this week (except for at CrossFit) because of insane soreness from the ‘double nutts’ workout on Monday.

In other news: have you ever seen Elf On A Shelf? It’s an elf from the North Pole who watches over your children and reports back to Santa whether they are naughty or nice. It is usually brought out after Thanksgiving and parents move it around the house every night so that the children have to find it every morning. Of course when I heard about this I could only think of the inappropriate/compromising situations you could put the Elf in. Something like this goes right along with my sense of humor:


Of course that’s not appropriate for kids but since we don’t have any (yet) why can’t we have some adult fun? I might just buy one of these and challenge the husband to a pose-off.