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I am exhausted ya’ll! I’ve gotten about 5 hours of sleep a night the past two nights and I definitely felt the effects today. I tend to average 6.5hrs on nights where I do CrossFit or a long run in the morning and 8ish on the other nights. The lack of sleep so soon after Tough Mudder (I know, I know, recap coming soon I promise- I’m just waiting on pictures!) has made me more whiney than usual. 😉

On Sunday night my Mom and I went to the Andrea Bocelli concert, the tickets were my birthday gift. First we stopped at the Columbia in Ybor City to stuff our faces (in a sophisticated manner of course- it is a fancy restaurant ya know) before heading downtown for the show. The concert started at 7:30pm and lasted until about 10pm.

Even though we scored an awesome parking spot right across the street from the St Pete Times Forum, I didn’t end up getting home and in bed until after 11. That’s pretty late considering I had a 4:20am wake-up call to go do CrossFit! I of course wore my Tough Mudder headband to the training session. 😉

Monday’s WOD:

45 minutes- how many rounds? I did 5 + Bear of the 6th.

  • 5 Bear- 65lbs (deadlift –> clean –> push press –> back squat –> push press –> deadlift)
  • 1/2 mile run
  • 20 pull-ups (with band)

They told me yesterday that they’ll be taking away my blankie resistance band on January 1st. So I’ll be forced into doing unassisted pull-ups. Scary.

Last night we had a Christmas party to attend and ended up being out until after 10pm. I didn’t get into bed until around 11pm and again had a 4:20am wake-up call for CrossFit.

Tuesday’s WOD:

15 minute stations, how many rounds?

Station 1 (I did 6 rounds):

  • 10 bench press (65lbs first and last round, 75lbs on the middle rounds)
  • 20 GHD situps
  • 100 speed rope

Station 2 (I did 5 rounds):

  • 5 handstand pushups (nearly impossible after all the bench press)
  • 20 wall ball (12lb ball)
  • 10 toe to bar

Station 3 (I did 6 1/3 rounds):

  • 250 meter row
  • 20 TRX skull crushers
  • 10 burpees

I felt like I was out of gas after the first station. The rest of today I was a whiney, cranky zombie. I’ll be going to bed immediately after hitting publish!

I have a bunch of pictures and a couple videos from Tough Mudder, including the video of the Electroshock Therapy obstacle. I know ya’ll are anxious to see me get electrocuted but you’re just going to have to settle for this picture for now:

My kinda muddy legs. Clean was a relative term by this point and this I considered clean.