Last weekend I ran my first ‘short’ race of the season, the St Pete Beach Classic 10K. Thus far I’ve done 1 full marathon and 4 half marathons (the 4th half marathon recap is coming soon- promise!). I wasn’t planning on the 10K (originally wanted to do the 5K since I did the 10K in this series last year) and told Jena that I didn’t think I was going to participate at all. Then I decided to stop whining and just do it! 😉

I met Jena pretty early at 6am in St Pete Beach to avoid the inevitable parking nightmare. We hung out in her warm car and I subjected her to this funny video:

Am I fat? Don’t lie to me.

Then we moseyed on over to the finish line to see the 5K winners and did our own warm-up. It was pretty darn cold so I changed from my FitCrew tank top (my not-so-official race top) to a long sleeved half zip. We met up with several of Jena’s running group friends at the start line and then were off. I had no idea what to pace for this race since I’m much faster than last season (thanks FitCrew!) so I went mostly by heart rate. <– this is an advantage to heart rate monitoring!

The splits:

The heart rate:

Official numbers: Chip Time- 52:05, Age Group- 7/40, Overall Female- 40/323

My goal was to keep my heart rate around 180bpm even though my racing heart rate is typically 185bpm. I haven’t been doing a ton of running the past couple of weeks so while I wanted to do well, I didn’t want to kill myself either.  I had a really good time with this race and I PR’ed by 4:05! Fun fact: this season’s 10K pace = last season’s 5K pace. I can’t wait to see what I can do on a 5K, my goal is to keep the pace sub-8.

After Jena and I finally found each other (she was looking for me and I was stuffing my face with chocolate muffins- go figure) we went back to our cars to get warmer clothes and then headed to watch the awards. Jena rocked it and placed in our age group again this year (she placed last year when she ran the 5K), go read her recap!

Jena and I freezing our Florida butts off! {Let’s go Orange!}

This was a great race, very well run with excellent post race food. The course is ok, just fair warning- you run past the finish line around 4.5 miles in. Then you’re running away from the finish line until making a hair-pin turn to make your way back to the finish. The whole time you’re running away from the finish you’re seeing all the people running towards it, which really screws with you mentally. If you’re expecting it, it isn’t so bad. I even saw Jena at some point and we high-fived, which gave me a huge boost.

Overall I’m very proud of how I did and I’m excited to see how I do in the 5K distance.