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I’ve mentioned before how I’m a planner, even though I don’t always stick 100% to my plan. I love me a to-do list mostly because of the satisfaction that comes from crossing off each item. So it would only make sense that I would own a day planner right? It turns out I’m incredibly picky and have never been able to find one that fit my criteria. Then shortly after the new year I read an article in the local paper comparing different day planners. One really stuck out to me, the Mini Smartdate Set from Russell and Hazel. [*Before I continue a quick note- I was not in any way compensated nor asked to do this review. I found the product on my own, purchased it on my own and decided to share it with all of you because I love it that much. This opinion is my own.*]

Of course when I went to the website it appeared that the set was sold out because I couldn’t find it on the site. After a little googling I found a website that carried the setPaper Twist.

I was so excited when I received the box and the pretty pink poka dot packaging (say that 10x fast!) made me happy! Inside was my Regal Purple Mini Smartdate Set (click on any picture to see it larger):

The binder itself is 7″ x 9″ and is covered in linen fabric (mine is purple but there are several colors) with the inside of the cover being dry erase. The very first sheet in the book is a handy year-at-a-glance for both 2012 and 2013.

The set also came with monthly tabs and weekly/daily sheets. Each sheet has a notes side which is awesome! Also included are To-Do adhesive notes (no pics of that sorry!)

The monthly section

The monthly notes section

The weekly/daily sheet

The weekly/daily notes section

I absolutely adore this set and while I’ve only been using it a week, I’m much more organized and productive! Tasks don’t feel so overwhelming now that I can schedule them and there’s also no more forgetting since I have a space to write everything down. This set is a bit pricey at $65 but I found it to be comparable to other day planners at this size and level of personalization. I highly recommend both Russell and Hazel and Paper Twist!

On to this week’s workouts! I’ve decided to bring back the weekly recap.

Monday: CrossFit! The WOD (15 minute stations, how many rounds?):

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: Rest. I had originally planned on running intervals but I was in a foul mood when I got home from work and it didn’t end up happening.

Thursday: CrossFit + 6 mile hill run. I did CrossFit in the morning and then ran at the Sunshine Skyway Trail. This course goes over 2 bridges in 3 miles. I did an out and back so I did each bridge twice.

The WOD (15 minute stations- how many rounds?):

The splits from my run (can you tell which 3 miles I had a tailwind and which I had a headwind?):

Friday: CrossFit!

Saturday: Rest. I really needed rest after the past 2 days of CrossFit. I’ve moved up in weight to 85lbs now for hang cleans, push press and overhead squat. The first 2 weeks or so after the initial moving up is painful and I tend to get grumpy when I’m sore. Mike has been a very tolerant husband and even gave me a massage!

Sunday: 14 mile run. It felt so good to go for a long run again! I kept the pace casual and just enjoyed being outside in the gorgeous weather. I was still incredibly sore from CrossFit and my quads hated every step but I pushed through, pretending it was the last 14 miles of a marathon.

The deets:

I fueled after 5 miles and 10 miles and the other dips in my heart rate early on in my run are from me taking off my long sleeved shirt and then ditching it back at the house.

I finally had a good running week after suffering from some burn out. I’ve rarely run this month and was starting to feel the mental effects of it. I need my endorphins! For now I’m just taking it week by week but my tentative plan is to rebuild my marathon miles. We’ll see how it goes! šŸ˜‰