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It’s been a crazy two weeks with today being my first day off! I have 2 race recaps coming, a 5K and another half marathon. First though, I thought I’d share the WODs (workout of the day) from the last couple of weeks. I’ll even throw in a video of Mike from CrossFit the other day! 😉

Unfortunately you won’t see much running this first week because I got another sinus infection. I was still doing well at CrossFit but dreaded the thought of going for a run.

1/30: CrossFit.

2/2: CrossFit

2/3: CrossFit

This second week I had two races over the coming weekend so I scheduled my FitCrew training sessions accordingly. I also did a new (to me) speed work out, mile repeats, to test out my intended pace for the 5K I had on my race schedule for Saturday.

2/6: CrossFit + 4.5 miles

I loved my pace for this run! It felt easy, but was pretty fast (for me).

2/7: CrossFit + 3 x 1 mile repeats (5 miles total)

As you can see in the above splits, I didn’t quite finish that last fast mile. I blame the little girl that hit me in the quad with a softball. (I was running at a park with a track.) While it didn’t really hurt, she was only ~7 years old, it completely threw off my mental game.

I was very surprised to see my heart rate so low for this. I really felt like I was working really hard but my heart rate didn’t get that high. I expected to see it well into the high 180s but it never got higher than 182bpm and that was at the very end. Stupid brain always getting in my way!

2/8: CrossFit

2/11: Saint Stephen’s Falcon Run 5K- recap coming soon!

2/12: St. Petersburg Rock n Roll Half Marathon- recap coming soon!

And I’ll leave you with this:

Mike doing a 25 pound weighted rope climb (one hand each rope)! I have to brag for him for a minute, this morning at CrossFit he did a 70 pound weighted pull-up (2 actually)! Sorry ya’ll, he’s taken! 😉