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The last time my husband and I did a race together was last May at the Inaugural Police Appreciation 5K. Sure, we did Empire State together, but he did the half and I did the full so that doesn’t really count. So this morning I dragged Mike into my race morning routine consisting of the usual early wakeup (430am), coffee, easy-to-digest food and water.

We’re a Mizuno loving family!

We made the 45 minute trip up to Seminole where the race was being held at Walsingham Park.

We met up with Dave and retrieved our bibs and chips before warming up a bit. My game plan was to pace 7:30 the whole way and make sure I don’t go out too fast. That worked for the first mile and maybe half of the second before the wheels fell off. I can’t even tell you what went wrong, my legs started to slow down and despite my best efforts, I never did get back on pace again. My heart rate was definitely in the ‘I hate life’ zone starting at the end of mile 2 so that was obviously a factor and the heat and humidity probably played a role as well.

I missed a PR by seconds but am overall happy with my time (23:56 chip time), considering the conditions. It was good enough for 1st in my age group anyway.

Mike did really well and beat me with a time of 23:16. Both him and Dave placed first in their age groups also!

A close up of those sweet medals:

This is my 4th time placing in my age group and the 3rd time I’ve age group placed this season. Coincidentally (I think not) every single time has been since I started training with the fabulous Andrew and Niels of FitCrew.

Overall we had a good time and I’m glad Mike was so successful at this race considering registration was one of my birthday gifts to him. 😉 Everything flowed smoothly and the post race food was top notch (I may or may not have eaten a muffin). Our medals are pretty awesome and parking was painless. This is what I expect from a small local race and Seminole Stampede definitely delivered.