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Have I mentioned that I’m a giant baby when it comes to mouth/facial pain? Having the braces put on at least wasn’t painful but was rather uncomfortable. Your mouth has to be dry so your lips are pulled back, there is constant suction and the assistant is constantly drying with a little air tool. The whole procedure only took 1.5 hours from the time I handed over my credit card for the down payment to walking out the door.

At first my mouth felt fine, just very awkward, like having little skyscrapers on my teeth. I have to admit I felt very embarrassed and self-conscious and really just wanted to go home to hide. Instead I put on my big girl panties and headed back to work where my coworkers assured me that they could hardly tell I had braces.


I stuck to soft foods for the first couple of days and took Aleve because my teeth were very sore. I listened to what the orthodontist assistant said though and started adding in easy to chew foods on Saturday  (braces put on Thursday). I was sent home with a no-no and yes-yes list of foods:

I’m pretty sure none of the ‘yes-yes’ foods are on the approved FitCrew meal plan. Well, maybe the peanut butter cups… are those Paleo? 😉

Tuesday was the first day my teeth didn’t ache but that was also the day I started noticing all the pokey things in my mouth. The wax has been a life saver as the inside of my lips toughen up against the metal wires and brackets.

I also only took Friday off from exercise and was out long-running with Jena on Saturday. Check out those splits:

By today I feel pretty good. The rubber bands I have to wear have already started doing their job correcting my cross-bite. It’s a little awkward to chew now because my teeth are in transition but I’m hoping that doesn’t last for too long. The soreness is gone and I’ve pretty much adjusted to the pokeyness.

As far as how I look… I’m getting over it. You can’t really tell unless you’re up close anyway.


There are worse things in life.

(For those interested my skirt and tee are from J Crew, flip flops are American Eagle, watch is Michael Kors, puppy not sold in stores)

Trying to Conceive

Our baby plans are on official hold. I can’t be pregnant for surgery and my surgery date is likely only 8 months away. So until early next year we won’t be trying to get pregnant. At first I was disappointed and there were a few tears shed but I know it’s for the best. Need comes before want in this case.

Next Racing Season

Obviously I’ll be missing a portion of next racing season. The projected surgery date is late November, early December. I will know more in 3 months when I go back to the surgeon for a status update. My ideal plan is to fit in 2 more marathons before surgery. I’m eyeballing Empire State again and Space Coast. Also, depending on the date of surgery, I will try to do the Florida Halfathon Challenge again. The short distance races will be sprinkled in like usual.