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This week was the last of my base building, aka fooling around. For the past many weeks, what I’ve done for training has been whatever I’ve felt like. I made a base building plan but didn’t really stick to it. Instead of forcing it, I decided to just wing it since I suffered from both a strained calf and burnout at the end of this past season. I feel like this week I finally found my mojo again [and no Andrew, it wasn’t on the pull-up bar! 😉 ] and only missed one workout, my evening ride that got rained out. The stubborn calf has been feeling mostly good too, so that helps.

Before I get into this week’s training, here are a couple photos from the past week:

The dogs and I had an impromptu photo shoot. I was foam rolling one night, they were being extra cute and I had my phone handy.

And here are some notable eats from the past week. A Rum Runner from my trip to Frenchy’s with Jena, Paleo Protein Waffles and beef lettuce wraps with sweet potato ‘fries’ (baked) and steamed asparagus.

Monday: Planned: FitCrew; Actual: REST

Tuesday: Planned: ride (cycling); Actual: FitCrew. My afternoon ladies ride was cancelled due to rain. I did 95 lbs on the bench press and modified air dyne for jump rope [I’m still not doing any jump rope or box jumps since my calf is still acting sketchy].

Wednesday: Planned: FitCrew + 3 miles recovery; Actual: 4 miles, 9:35min/mile average

Thursday: Planned: 4 miles; Actual: FitCrew + 3 miles recovery, 10:20min/mile average [treadmill] Obviously I flip-flopped Wednesday and Thursday training. {I had a full skin check with the dermatologist, everything looks good!} On the WOD: 115 lbs deadlift. I started with the air squats/rope climb with a time of 14:20, took a short rest and then did the deadlift/HSPU in 5:XX. As I was deadlifting Niels came over, laughed his evil little laugh and told me he had a surprise when I was done. The surprise? 6 laps [running] on now shredded legs. Whee! The feeling reminded me of roughly mile 16 of a marathon.

Friday: Planned: FitCrew; Actual: FitCrew. I did 85 lbs on the bench press and between 5-8 reps on each for every round. We had about 15 minutes left once everyone was done so Niels lined us [20ish people] all up and had us do a plank challenge. Hold plank and everyone takes a turn doing 20 push-ups. Thankfully we only went down the line once but we were in plank [I took little breaks] for close to 10 minutes. Evil.

Saturday: Planned: ride (cycling); Actual: 21.34 mile ride with Mike, 19.9MPH average. We were obviously struggling in the first 5 miles with the head-wind and the overwhelming quad soreness from Thursday’s WOD. Sometime during mile 6 a [faster] friend of ours passed us and told us to jump in the draft of his 3 person group. You don’t gotta tell me twice! We stayed with them until the half-way point and then made our way back to the car with a tail-wind. Overall an awesome ride!

Sunday: Planned: 8 miles; Actual: 8 miles, 10:00min/mile average.

This run felt really good mentally and physically. I forgot how much I love waking up before the sun, strapping on a full fuel belt and just cruising. My target long run training pace range is 9:29-10:29min/mile. Today my pace was on the lower end of that range and I was making an effort to just relax, go easy and not worry about pace. My low heart rate and giant smile at the finish was very encouraging. I’ll be training for a 3:55 marathon (8:59min/mile pace) and if my long runs continue to go this well, I might adjust that goal a bit. Space Coast Marathon here I come!