Today wrapped up my first official week of training for my third (!!!) marathon! Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m gearing up to run yet another marathon, I’m amazed at what my body is capable of with the completion of each training session. When I sat down to review all my splits from this week’s workouts I couldn’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come.

Some notes on the training plan… It’s not quite set in stone yet. I knew when I made this plan that there would likely be some adjustments made as I evaluated how my body felt. The first plan I made doesn’t have a scheduled rest day. Originally I told myself I could skip workouts as necessary when my body asked for rest, but I’ve realized I need more structure than that. The adjustments I’ve made so far are making Monday a rest day and dropping the hill training (I will replace the hills with simple pace runs instead) from my speed work.

Anyway, onto this week’s training:

Monday: Planned- FitCrew; Actual- REST

Tuesday: Planned- 3xHill + Ride; Actual- 3xHill + Ride. With the lack of hills in Florida and my lack of time, I ended up running ‘hills’ on a short overpass right before going for a ride. Huge mistake. Even though the workout itself was relatively easy, I hadn’t done any kind of speed work in forever so my legs were done. Then I got on my bike and rode with my ladies group for a little over 20 miles (I forgot to start my Garmin until we were already several miles in). It was a struggle and afterwards my right foot hurt. I’m pretty sure it’s from the run, which I was definitely forefoot striking during the uphill sprints. So I eliminated them from the plan because the Space Coast Marathon course is as flat as a pancake. The run splits (I forgot to hit the lap button before my first hill climb but I’m guessing the split is somewhere around the 7:00 min/mile pace. Also, split 2 was me accidentally pushing the lap button so just ignore that one.):

Wednesday: Planned- FitCrew + 3 mile recovery run; Actual- FitCrew. With my foot hurting I decided to skip the recovery run and recover by resting in the evening instead. The WOD (Niels modified the 400 meter run for 500 meter row for me, 115lb deadlift, 30lb KB swing, 55lb overhead squat, speed rope instead of box jump and 25lb DBs [so 50lb total] for squat clean. I finished in 31:53, rehydrated then headed to the back room for a second WOD. 500 meter row, 20 GHD back extensions, 40 airsquats. AMRAP. I did 2 rounds in the 10ish minutes we had left.):

Thursday: Planned- FitCrew; Actual- FitCrew. The WOD (15 min AMRAP- I did 3 rounds of each and another surprise plank challenge after the WOD. 15lb DBs for incline press, 45lb plate on the tire for tire sled, 10lb sledgehammer.):

Friday: Planned- 5 mile run; Actual- FitCrew + 5 mile run. The WOD (15 min AMRAP- I did 2 rounds for each. 95lb back squat, 20lb DB for arnold squat, 16lb ball for wall ball.):

I went to the 9am session and it was I was also regretting not getting up early to run before the WOD when I set out for my run at 5pm. I really wanted to give up after 3 miles but instead went to a nearby park with a water fountain and finished it.

Saturday: Planned- Ride; Actual- Ride, 25 miles.

It was just Michelle, the group leader, and I for this ride. We split off so that we could ride a little harder with sprints mixed in. Michelle was nice and only made me do one set of sprints [miles 9-11]. We took turns sprinting in the front for one minute and it was tough! Don’t let the splits above fool you, the times look slow because we ride through St Pete, which has a ton of lights (that we have to stop for). In reality we were spinning at 18-20mph.

Sunday: Planned- 10 miles; Actual- 10 miles. My first double digit run since late April! I had to work a little harder mentally on this run. My perceived vs actual exertion were not matching up. My heart rate was in the happy zone but I felt like I was struggling. I stopped halfway through to do a good stretch and get my head in the right place, which worked pretty well. Fueling after miles 4 and 7.

That wraps it up! I know this is only week 1, but so far I feel focused, confident and strong, which is a complete 180 from a few weeks ago. 17 more weeks to go!