I had so many expectations on how I thought pregnancy would be and the type of pregnancy I wanted to have. Of course I wanted to continue my running and training and maybe even run a long race or two. Then I actually got pregnant and things didn’t quite go the way my pre-pregnant self had visioned.

postest_6weekusWe found out I was pregnant on Father’s Day 2013. On the right is Grady’s first picture at 6 weeks gestation.

First Trimester

Fitness & Nutrition: Immediately after getting pregnant my cardio suffered a massive blow. Workouts felt exponentially harder and I knew immediately that Wineglass Marathon, which I had just started training for, was not going to happen. I faced reality and decided to drop the marathon and to ease up on the workouts (my training plan was really aggressive) and just have a fit pregnancy. Then I hit the 6-7 week mark and the nausea and exhaustion set in. Top that off with a stressful job with long hours and not a whole lot of fitness happened for the remainder of the first trimester. Along with the nausea came the food aversions. The foods I couldn’t even look at included chicken, zucchini and anything BBQ. My morning sickness was definitely all day sickness.

Preg_FoodSome of the foods that got me through the first trimester.

Body Changes: I was in maternity clothes pretty early on. I had gained 10 pounds before I got pregnant so my clothes were already tight. Combine that with pregnancy bloating and my favorite pencil skirts were not happening. Also, my boobs went from a B to a DD almost overnight.

PregWeeks4_5_12Weeks 4, 5 and 12

Baby Health: Everything developed right on track. We did the Panorama test around 10 weeks which was a simple blood test that isolated the small amount of fetal blood from mine. It tested for any trisomy abnormalities and gender. Everything was normal and gender test said BOY! I was skeptical though and refused to announce boy until we had our anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks.

Preg_12WeekUSOur 12 week ultrasound

Second Trimester

Fitness & Nutrition: Ahhh the magical second trimester. Morning sickness eased up and I got my energy back. I got back to running (run/walks) but couldn’t tell you how far or often because I had a Garmin-less pregnancy. I decided to stop riding because of the fall risk and did my last workout at FitCrew at 13 weeks (it was just too intense for my energy level). I did some pregnancy workout DVDs but that was honestly short lived. As far as nutrition? Pregnancy became my excuse to eat whatever I wanted (that was allowed) and I became a human trash can. For some reason people really like to feed the pregnant girl. My coworkers were always giving me tons of goodies which was awesome at the time. Post partum… not so much. My weight gain wasn’t too terrible though and my OB was happy with my overall health. They  were keeping a close eye on my blood pressure though, which was consistently high throughout pregnancy, and immediately returned to normal once Grady was out.

Body Changes: My belly was getting bigger and bigger (obviously) but I managed to escape any stretch marks in the second trimester. I did get mask of pregnancy on my face and a very faint linea negra up to my belly button.

PregWeeks13_14_15Weeks 13, 14 and 15

PregWeeks16_17_18Weeks 16, 17 and 18

PregWeeks19_20_22Weeks 19, 20 and 22

PregWeeks23_25_26Weeks 23, 25 and 26

PregFunnyShirtsSome fun maternity shits!

Baby Health: Again, right on track. We had our 20 week anatomy scan which confirmed baby was, in fact, a boy. It was also confirmed that everything was measuring normal.

Preg_20WeekUS20 week ultrasound photos

Third Trimester

Fitness & Nutrition: Right around 24 weeks was when running became too uncomfortable and I began just walking, which honestly wasn’t all that often. Nutrition? Still a human garbage can. The one craving that stuck with me throughout pregnancy was apple juice. I always joked that Grady was floating in apple juice instead of amniotic fluid.

Body Changes: Let’s talk numbers for a second. When I am at my most fit, I weigh in the neighborhood of 145 pounds. When I got pregnant I weighed 154 pounds. At my full-term appointment I weighed in at 200 pounds exactly. I intend to do a separate post about my post-partum goals and plan but so far I’ve lost 30 of those pounds. I did end up with some stretch marks lower below my belly button. All was fine and good… until he dropped and they popped up immediately.

PregWeeks27_30_32Weeks 27, 30 and 32

PregWeeks34_35_36Weeks 34, 35 and 36

PregWeeks38_39_40Weeks 38, 39 and 40

Baby Health: We did have one small scare during the third trimester. One particularly stressful day at work, towards the end of the work day, I realized I hadn’t noticed any movement from the little guy since the evening prior. I called my OB and she told me to go to labor and delivery immediately for monitoring. Both Mike and my mom met me there and the second the monitor was strapped to my belly the little stinker started kicking away. The Doc said he was just fine and I lost about 5 years from my life span. Other than that baby was healthy and growing right on track. On February 25th, the day after my due date we had an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok and that it was safe to let me go another week. My fluid measured fine and it was fun to see the little guy again before we officially met him.

PregBellyPicsGrady was a very aggressive kicker and often my stomach looked very distorted from the positions he would get himself into in there.

By now you know that I went 5 days past my due date and that Grady was born on March 1st, 2014. If not, go check out his birth story.

Overall I had a very easy pregnancy without complications. I didn’t have to be induced (we had it scheduled for March 3rd, just in case) and had a pretty ideal birth. Pregnancy just wasn’t easy on me mentally, I struggled with the weight gain (even though I wasn’t making healthy eating choices) and was just generally exhausted. I’m very lucky to have had my mom group (we group text all day long) to talk to and I really can’t or shouldn’t complain given the final outcome. It’s true what they say, you forget all the hard parts and find yourself wanting more babies, in my case I want 2 more just like Grady! I’m ready to work hard to get this weight off and I think (and hope!) next time around will be a little easier.